How to Increase Mental Health?


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The ancient Romans already knew that a healthy mind thrives best in a healthy body. But the fittest body is of little use when our soul is in pain because health is much more than just the absence of illness. The World Health Organization (WHO) defines it as a “state of complete physical, mental and social well-being”. That’s why we’re going to show you today how you can strengthen your health holistically. For example with the FOREVER basic package VITAL 5™, which supports a balanced diet. Because you are what you eat! 

Mental Health

Mental health in focus

People need one thing above all for their well-being: other people. Social contacts with those who are important to us and who do us good want to be cultivated. Studies show that friends and family can lift our spirits and reduce stress – face-to-face meetings are the best.

If you find a balance between job and private life, between healthy nutrition and sufficient exercise, nothing can throw you off track so quickly – now is the best moment to lay the foundation for it to stay that way.

Self-care: “How to do it”

When self-care is neglected, important resources that we could otherwise turn to when everyday life becomes chaotic and stressful wither away. Shared hobbies with friends are fun, keep us physically and mentally fit and help to forget the stress of work, and recharge the batteries. They create a healthy balance. Important: Don’t fall into free time stress and treat yourself to breaks, whether in the office or at home. Small breaks create space for relaxation of body and mind.

exercise is healthy. It improves your well-being because it boosts serotonin production and reduces the stress hormone cortisol. In addition, you quickly come to other thoughts. Put the smartphone away from time to time and do a digital detox – this works best with fixed times. Availability and the scanning of messages burden us and stress us. So consume digitally with awareness. Another tip: get enough sleep. The body and psyche recharge their batteries during sleep. It should be around eight hours a night to be resilient and have energy.

A fulfilling life and mental health also include developing oneself and expanding one’s skills, experiencing self-efficacy, and promoting self-confidence. Dare to do something new and do the painting class that’s been on your mind all along. Creativity is a way of expressing and channeling emotions. This is how you can find your balance again.

Mental Wellness Program

Mental Wellness Program

Mental relaxation, creativity, regular exercise, and a healthy diet are all important pillars of mental health and well-being. The inner care through good nutrition is mainly based on the fact that you take in enough vitamins and minerals every day: Omega 3, vitamin E, and C as well as antioxidants help your body to keep your mind healthy.

Concentrated external power for inner balance

If you do sports and want to eat a balanced diet, it is best to switch off all sources of stress. It helps, for example, to leave the compilation of the ideal nutrient combinations for the basic supply to others. With the VITAL5® FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL™ package, we have developed a perfectly balanced product combination for you. The composition includes the beneficial  FOREVER ALOE VERA GEL™, the preventive FOREVER ACTIVE PRO-B™, vitamin-rich FOREVER ARGI+®, the optimally concentrated omega-3 fatty acids from FOREVER ARCTIC SEA® and FOREVER DAILY™, the balanced vitamin and mineral complex from fruits and vegetables. This comprehensively covers the special needs of the body so that the mind can develop unhindered. For particularly active people who move a lot every day and want to provide themselves with healthy energy boosts, Forever has developed the  FOREVER FREEDOM®  power drinks, which provide immediately available power.

With the Forever products, you give your body the strength from within to keep your mind in balance and to be able to easily ward off external stress. The perfect balance to feel good all over.

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