“Do I really lose weight without carbohydrates?” 

A legitimate question, because many food trends come and go. Low carb means “little carbohydrates” and describes a diet with little or no carbohydrates.

The answer is “Yes!” This diet can help you lose weight and be your way to the figure you want. So you largely avoid carbohydrates and focus on protein and vegetables. Because without carbohydrates you help your body to burn effectively, to use the energy from food optimally, and not to put on unnecessary reserves – i.e. excess pounds. Finally lose weight, get closer to the figure you want, look more attractive, feel a positive body feeling: Hardly any other lifestyle topic is as penetrating in the minds of society as the secret of falling pounds. Consequently, there are a variety of sometimes adventurous diet concepts to effectively tackle excess body weight.

So you can live safe without carbohydrates in everyday life

The most promising nutritional concepts repeatedly deal with one of the main enemies of a slim figure: carbohydrates. The common thing is: They are actually in everything that makes eating a pleasure and dominates the menus of canteens, canteens, restaurants, as well as the refrigerator at home.

Potatoes, pasta, white flour, sugar: these are the doses you need to get under control in order to lose weight effectively. However, exaggerated dogmatism would be out of place here, because a change in the diet must fit into normal everyday life for you to stick with it.

In general, any kind of avoidance or substitution of the beloved carbohydrate ratio is a step in the right direction. Lettuce instead of starch, vegetables instead of noodles for frying, fried eggs instead of pancakes, and a smoothie instead of a piece of cake. If you manage to heed this regularly, you can already achieve good results. It is helpful to evaporate unavoidable carbohydrate meals, at least in the evening.

Pizza and pasta are still okay at lunchtime, but in the evening at your favorite Italian restaurant, it should be the fish with the spinach leaves. Because carbohydrates have the nasty property of initially overriding the fat-burning mechanism for a certain period of time. Carbohydrates are burned most effectively through active muscle work, and this is usually no longer on the program after dinner.

Support your body system in diet with endurance sports

In general, of course, the following applies: Getting used to new eating habits is much easier if it is accompanied by an active program. Because – as mentioned above – carbohydrates are half as bad if they are consumed followed by a workout. And in general, the pounds tumble off much more effectively if you start an endurance sports program at the same time. The classics of running, swimming, and cycling is the best here, of course, any type of workout in the gym also helps. With regular training, a second natural weight-loss mechanism is created almost on the side: healthy thirst. Drink water, thin spritzers, and tea during and after your workout. And try to drink regularly throughout the day, at least two liters should be doable. This purifies and dampens the spontaneous feeling of hunger.


This is how you find the right start

Of course, it is also legitimate to get help for the change in diet on board. For example, through a planned start-up phase and a nutritional package that satisfies the body’s needs without overloading it with carbohydrates, for example. With the CLEAN9 program as part of the FOREVER FIT CONCEPT, Forever has developed a package that weans, cleanses, and prepares the body for a new active lifestyle within nine days – without having to do without important nutrients or being hungry all the time.

Forever has the power drinks FOREVER  ULTRA™ CHOCOLATE SHAKE MIX and  FOREVER ULTRA™ VANILLA SHAKE especially for active athletes who want to avoid cravings and provide the body with valuable nutrients and healthy energy sources during exercise. With these shakes, the active body gets what it needs for energy conservation, immediate conversion, and sensible nutrient supply in a direct way.

Do Forever Living Products really work?

With Forever products you can design your way to live healthier, cut the power of carbohydrates, and lead a more active life easily and without problems – during your normal everyday life. The ideal way for more well-being, an attractive appearance, and more contentment.

Sustainable & mindful: That’s Forever

We stand for sustainable production. Forever Living Products is the number 1 in aloe vera and aloe vera products. We have been producing valuable products for people like you for over 40 years. For your well-being and more health in everyday life. The topic of sustainability and the careful use of the environment has always been particularly important to us. In harmony with nature, for a good future for all people on earth.

For a good future

Sustainability is deeply rooted in everyone who works for Forever. The goal is always a future in harmony with the available resources. Management for an intact environment. Especially for our children.

Aloe Vera


The core of our products is pure aloe vera gel. It basically comes from the inside of the leaves of the valuable Aloe Barbadensis Miller. You have to know: around 400 different types of aloe vera plants exist in the world. But only the Aloe Barbadensis Miller has been known for thousands of years for its sustainable properties for your well-being.

From planting and care to harvest, Forever Aloe Vera is sustainably cultivated in our own production. Aloe is an extremely valuable resource for us. Accordingly, we treat them with the utmost care. Every single aloe vera leaf is harvested by humans. In addition, the bark is gently removed in the subsequent manual filleting process. Only the best aloe vera gel goes into our products. We also make sure that not a drop of the valuable gel is wasted. Good for the environment, good for people.

For answering any questions, I will be glad to help you out. So please live me a comment or contact me in case of need.

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